The windshield of a car is one of its most vulnerable components. It is also one of the most crucial parts. It not only keeps the wind, dust, and pollution out, but it also gives the car’s roof structural stability. When the car’s front screen is damaged, it is critical to repair and replace it as soon as possible. After you’ve completed the windshield replacement, there are a few crucial dos and don’ts to remember. Windshield damage comes in a variety of forms that must be fixed. Any car’s windshield serves to protect us and the interior from rain, dust, and insects.

Common damages to car’s windshield

When a small object strikes your windshield, a small piece of glass is shattered. Small pieces like this will crack outward from their center and expand into a bigger impacted area over time.

Bullseye cracks or chips are surface-level circulars and semi-circular cracks or chips formed by a circular item striking the glass.

The pit is a small crater-like region that formed as dust or sand particles strike the glass and wear it down over time.

Edge cracks appear along the perimeter of the windshield, about three inches from the outer edge. If something strikes this region and develops a crack, it will most likely be a lengthy, meandering crack that requires the windshield to be replaced.

A stress crack occurs without the impact of another object striking the windshield. When the glass is exposed to a rapid, dramatic temperature shift, stress cracks can form.

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